Kaka: ‘Milan door always o现今零元的代理品牌项目赚钱pen’

“Could I go back to the Rossoneri one day? I don’t know, for now I’m happy in the US. I loved playing for Milan, a21点官网nd I think there will always be an open door for me.”

However, Kaka appeared to rule out returning as Diavolo Coach.

“Some love affairs never end,” Kaka told FIFA TV.

A return in the 2013-14 se网络外围投注ason was less successful, but the 33-year-old isn’t ruling out a return to San Siro one day.

Orlando City midfielder Kaka says “there will always be an open door for me” at Milan.

“I don’t think I’ll be a Coach, for now I don’t like it. Maybe over the next three years, when I stop, I’ll th真人外围投注ink about it.”

The Brazilian had two spells with the Rossoneri, winning Serie A, the Champions League and the Ballon d’Or in his first stint.